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Added October 2013
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UPDATE re Restrooms
(click link above to view)
Nothing was resolved at the work session.  Restrooms or lack thereof still an issue.
Work Session re Rest Rooms
January 25, 2013
Town Hall
Time: 9;00 am

The ongoing issues of restrooms in business buildings in Old Town Sharpsburg. 
The mayor contends that the stores cannot be opened because of  International Code Council(ICC) and/or State Code

I have been more recently referred to the IPMC  (International Property Maintenance Code) for regulations regarding restrooms.


According to Town Officials, the above Code (ICC) does not apply to the restrooms in Old Town.  The Town follows regulations of the IPMC regulations regarding restroom requirements.

Below see the exact verbiage of the ICC.

[A] 102.6 Historic buildings. (2012)
The provisions of this code relating to the construction, alteration, repair, enlargement, restoration, relocation or moving of buildings or structures shall not be mandatory for existing buildings or structures identified and classified by the state or local jurisdiction as historic buildings when such buildings or structures are judged by the code official to be safe and in the public interest of health, safety and welfare regarding any proposed construction, alteration, repair, enlargement, restoration, relocation or moving of buildings.

 I was disappointed that the town council approved ALL THREE variances for the property at Highway 54 and Sunset.  The new building will "be in the lap" of at least two residences.  Also wondered why such a huge effort was made  to STOP the business from building just 2 blocks up the street (across from the church) and NONE  to stop at this location...makes one wonder.... 
The fields in downtown look really good.  They have been recently cut .

If the town is so into Building Codes, why is the house on Terrentine not in BIG TROUBLE!!!!!  It belongs to an former town council member.    I agree Ask a Town Official.

Selective enforcement of regulations.  A real problem in Sharpsburg! Councilwoman Davenport has brought this to the attention of the town council but no action has been taken.
There was talk of  Neighborhood Watch in town.  Is there one.    Not at this time.  There is still a need because of some vagrancy and thefts but down some this year though still occurrences.  The problem with loitering seems to have been solved.  Candidate signs were vandalized during the recent election...not a real mystery though.

 What is the big deal about the restrooms!  This has been an issued for years.  Senoia, Turin and Warm Springs all have buildings without restrooms SO Ask the Mayor or Council Persons. Good luck......