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This is not the Official Site for the Town of Sharpsburg
Keith Rhodes was re-elected to the Sharpsburg Town Council on November 5th.  Clay Cole ran unopposed.  These are four year terns.  

In  2015 the Mayor Staley , Councilman McElwanney, and Councilwoman Davenport will be up for re-election.

Thanks to all of you who turned out to vote.  

Town Elections held on November 5, 2013 at the Town Hall/Rec Center on Main Street. (as usual)
Post 4 and 2  for Town Councilman are the only local candidates on the ballot for town officials.   Polly Garlington is running against incumbent Keith Rhodes for Post 4.    Mr. Rhodes was "absent" during a large portion of his term returning only fairly recently.  *Check the information (Numbers) on webpage "Minutes Meeting + wk session*.  As with the Council Anderson position, the Mayor chose not to fill the post but run the Council with only three officials a large portion of the terms.
Clay Cole is running unopposed.  Mr. Cole, the incumbent,  was appointed  by Mayor Staley after the extended absence  of Councilman Gordy Anderson.  (Ref. Times-Herald) Councilman Anderson was out-of-state for most of his term as Councilman.  The Mayor chose not to call an election but to wait until the time frame where HE could appoint a Councilman to fill the long unattended position.
Two years from now the Mayor and two Council members will be running for re-election. 

This is NOT the official site for the Town of Sharpsburg.
This page was last modified on Thursday, January 23, 2014 06:35:54 PM
Interesting "misstatements" by
Councilman Rhodes.
Saturday's Times-Herald
1,  "Council meetings attended via Skype."
TWO meetings (ONLY) and then only after attention was called to his continued absence.
2.  The so called new restaurant was already here (Sharpsburg Take-out-STO) and has been in town for many years.  They did, however, expand and the town did pass an Alcohol Ordinance
3.  "Choked by the Peachtree City development (Pathways)" and ran to "clear up the mess". According to Mayor Staley's promotion of Pathways, this was NEVER A MESS.  The "mess" has returned (Pathways) according to the Mayor in the March and May 2013 Town Council Meeting.
4.  "Ran to....." he had no opposition....never has until now.
5.  "Asked to return"  when returning after two years absence...he never resigned so he was unable to tend to any town business or attend functions except on two or three occasions. 
Candidate Keith Rhodes missed 11 our of 12 Town Council Meetings in 2012. Two meetings were cancelled for lack of Quorum the evening of the meeting.
Candidate Keith Rhodes
missed 11 out of 14 meetings in 2011
For the time being, Mr. Rhodes is back in town for election-2013
2014 so far he is still here.
Mr. Anderson resigned after missing 10 meetings out of 12 in 2012.  Two meetings were cancelled for lack of Quorum
Mr. Anderson missed 6 meeting out of 14 in 2011 
There was an article in the Times-Herald regarding this issue.
The town operated with only Two Councilpersons and the Mayor for two years.  The Charter calls for FIVE members; Mayor and four council members. The Charter clearly calls for FIVE Council Members....and clear explanation about abandonment of post.  Abandonment is what it is called when one is out of State or USA for months on end and not participating in Town business.
This is clearly an ethical matter which was not addressed by the Mayor.