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Arts & Crafts


ADD YOUR ART or Crafts by sending contact info and picture(s)

to:  pollyg@mindspring

Robert Vaillancourt 
Robert is a local artist and resident of Sharpsburg since 1995.  His pottery has been displayed throughout the United States.  He has received many awards over the years.
Most recently Robert's pottery was displayed in Washington, Ga., and soon at the Art Gallery LaPlace in Washington, GA
Robert had parts in several movies filmed in the Newnan-Coweta area.
Robert is a graduate of West Georgia with  Major in Marketing and a Minor in Art
The historic Fitzpatrick Hotel on the Square in Washington, Ga, will be promoting Robert's work via media throughout five states.
 A few pieces that will be displayed at his One-Man Exhibition.

To display on this page, contact me
Hand Caning and Weaving by
Mitchie Garlington
 An ancient art,  caning and weaving has been around for thousands of years.  Today hand weaving is nearly a lost art.  See some samples below of a master weaver.
Mitchie Garlington is an experienced caner and weaver.  She replaces chair seats and backs for the public as well as maintaining family heirlooms.  Call her for an estimate if you need chair seat replacements.                770-251-6484      


The most intricate weave is seven-step handwoven through holes predrilled in chair. (above)
The very basic, herringbone weave, is still very popular. 
 Above an example of fibre rush.  This weave is very popular on ladder back dining room chairs.

These are  just a few examples of the many available options for seat replacement.
Wicker repair is also included in her weaving skills.