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Sponsored by the Sharpsburg Citizens and Merchants Group (SCMG) & Rock the Vote.

Comprehensive Plan/Steering Committee

Mayor Staley has announced the members of the Steering Committee as follows:

Mayor Wendell Staley

Keith Rhodes, Councilman

Donna Camp, Town Clerk

Larry Hyde, Councilman's brother-in-law, Former Councilman

Katie Cole, Councilman's daughter-in-law

Sandra Bolton, Property adjoins Councilman

Tim Ridley, Local businessman-Coweta Car Care

Dennis Drewyer, Landplanner/landscape & does projects for the town-NON-RESIDENT

Tony Crunkleton, NON-RESIDENT, Ex-Turin Councilman/lives in Turin

Kevin Gartrell, Resident of Wellsburg Station

Bobby Vaillancourt, Resident-Williams Circle

BTW-all the same Councilman


Department of Community Affairs guidelines suggest residents be placed on the Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee makes recommendations as to future plans for Sharpsburg.   What are the needs and wants.  What things need to be changed or added.  What things should be abolished or removed. 


These decisions should be made by the residents and not


Also, note the relationships.  Obviously this committee was carefully selected to avoid diversity...what appears to be a controlled group!

No Playgrounds in the new Sharpsburg Park..that's the plan why build it?

Waiting for an answer..................... well, the good news is that's changed.  There will be a playground.


Briarwood Commons

application filed with Town of Sharpsburg.

PUBLIC HEARING (1st) on AUGUST 3, 2015

Town Hall @ 7:00 P.M.

The park is now underway.  The tennis courts have been removed as well as the trees!  ....go figure!

 Sharpsburg town park plans have been delayed

 according to the Times-Herald.  The Times-Herald states that a petition was presented to the Coweta Commissions complaining that the public had not been given the opportunity for input into park plans. See Saturday, July 11, 2015 issue of the Times-Herald for details.





has announced that she will be running for

Mayor of Sharpsburg

in the Fall Elections 2015


Polly Garlington will be running for

Town Councilmember

in the Fall Elections 2015


Another  candidate will be announcing very soon.

Town Council Meeting

July 6, 2015

 Public Invited

Town Council Meeting

March 3, 2014 - 7:00 PM

Always open to Public

Public Comments allowed at end of Meeting

Work session is for the purpose of discussion regarding restrooms (or lack of) in several stores in the Old Town area (Building Codes). 

Work Session Saturday, January 25, 2014,

Sharpsburg Town Hall

Sharpsburg Town Council

Meeting will begin at 9:00 am.



The meeting was requested/called to discuss the Old Town area regarding rest rooms and other ways to promote the downtown area.  Discussion and decisions will most surely effect the present businesses and the immediate area. 


I do not have email addresses for all merchants so please spread the word among merchants that can attend Saturday morning…..even if you sit silent, you present will be noted by the council.  At the most recent Town Council meeting the Council reduced the start-up free for a local business for “spirits” (not the dead kind) in order   

TO PROMOTE a particular  business in town.


WHEN IS THE LAST TIME THE TOWN COUNCIL DID ANYTHING TO PROMOTE THE OLD TOWN AREA@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OR even the present residents?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Many want sidewalks, some want street lights,  Town purchased land for park and festival  and then it sits unused, never any local events…not even a Christmas tree. 


I, as a resident of the Old Town area, am tired of the ghost town look with no effort to revitalize or any effort to host ANY KIND of town event however small.  One has to start somewhere! 


This issue/situation has not changed since the meeting.  Jan. 9, 2014



Towns of Sharpsburg and Turin re the water system.


Extended discussion took place about the water system.  Turin owns the water system where the Town of Sharpsburg residents get their water.  Priorities were voiced by both Mayors.  The attorneys for Turin and Sharpsburg were present and are to work out some agreement that is acceptable to both towns. 




Towns of Sharpsburg and Turin will be holding a PUBLIC work session on



7:00 PM

Sburg Rec. Center on Main St.



Town Elections
November 5, 2013
Two Town Council post will be up for election/re-election.
Post 4 Candidates
Polly Garlington
Keith Rhodes, Incumbant
Post 2
Clay Cole, unopposed.

Go to "Voter Information" page for info about registering to vote or getting an absentee ballot


Councilman Rhodes still "missing"


Councilman Keith Rhodes continues to fail to attend regular Town Council meetings. It is alarming that a person who chose to represent the Town fails to do so!  Well, he has returned at least for the time being. I will give an update on the HUGE number of meetings he has missed. 

 He's back at least for the time being

  Old Sharpsburg Auction

has moved because they were not able to secure larger space in the Old Town area.

    Sharpsburg Town Council: Called Meeting

Restrooms continue to be an issue

The millage rate will remain the same for 2013 as in the passed several years in spite of the big reduction of revenue from LOST.


There was also a discussion of pavers or brick to cover the flag station and another area in from of the Rec center.  When to proceed will be decided at a later date.  Councilwoman Davenport spoke about a complaint from Mr. Herb Bridges about the recent Stallion Parade.  There was some trouble with attendees parking in restricted areas and improperly parking at the Post office.  Also mentioned that residents were not notified of the closing of the streets and merchants not notified until Friday before the parade on Saturday.  A meeting attendee stated that there were glitches but event managing was so very much better that last year.


Mr. Tommy Knight proposed the Town give him a variances regarding the Town ordinance requiring the buildings have a restroom.  Mr. Knight is the owner of Old Sharpsburg Auction.  He wishes to rent another building, which has no restroom facilities, for his auctions.  Mr. Knights presently rents the building at the corner of Terrentine and Main Street.  He suggests that the those attending the auction in the new location could use the restroom across the street. 


 Mayor Staley stated that the proposal would be taken under advisement.  (Sharpsburg Auction relocated because the were unable to get business license to locate business expansion in the building in question.)


Mr. Herb Bridges who owns the building not "up to code" was present at the meeting but made no comments. 

Called meeting of Town Council

There will be a called meeting of the Sharpsburg Town Council on August 20, 2012, to set the mileage rate for the coming year.

 Pictures to follow on "What's New-2012 Page.


Parade was a huge success and kids had a great time with the activities.


Sharpsburg Stallions Parade

The Sharpsburg Parade will be held in downtown Sharpsburg on Saturday, August 11.  The parade starts at 9:00 am.

Published Thursday, March 04, 2010 in

 Local Times-Herald

By Sarah Fay Campbell


The Georgia Department of Transportation is currently designing an improvement to the intersection of Georgia Highway 16 and Highway 54.


"This is an intersection project we've been working on for quite a while," said Coweta County Administrator Theron Gay during Tuesday's meeting of the Coweta County Board of Commissioners.


"There is a lot of traffic, a lot of backup there," Gay said

The plans include the installation of a traffic signal, and "they really need to get the traffic signal approved in order to make the design work," Gay said.


GDOT officials have asked Coweta to apply for a signal so that it can be approved, Gay said. "It would go in conjunction with the plan the DOT is working on."


Sorry clip lost when changing server.

Sharpsburg Tree Committee
"fired" (short clip)