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Maps first, then Information

A smaller version of the plans shown below was annexed into the Town of Sharpsburg early last Spring.  Many residents just outside of the town limits but bordering the proposed annexation were at the meeting to protest the annexation.
One resident was present and spoke in favor of the annexation.  Because of ongoing issues involving the water supply, the construction of the development has not  begun.
There seem to be issues with the Town of Turin and Coweta County concerning the water problem and at this point, the Town of Sharpsburg has not been able to secure a water supply for the development.
The first map is the Proposed Commercial Development  (Coweta County) facing Highway 16 which is extremely close to the intersection of Highway 16 and Highway 54.  The proposed development borders Mr. Leroy Johnson's farm.   Coweta County declined the proposal.  Town of Turin also denied the request. 
Written information will follow the maps.

The SECOND map is the  Proposed Residencial Development  (Coweta County)which fronts on Highway 54 bordering Mr. LeRoy Johnson's farm.  Extremely close to the Highway 16 and Highway 54 intersection.  The two developments are connected by a thin piece of property

The following information is from Coweta County Planning and Zoning.  If you would like the entire document, email me.  This is FAR from the complete Report which can be downloaded from the Coweta County Website.

Proposed Commercial Development-First Map
Proposed Residential Development-Second Map
Maps first, then Information

Taken from County Report
There is a lot more....pages and pages.....that are not here.  I have listed some of the highlights/points of interest to residents.  The entire document can be views on the Coweta County Website. 
 If you’d like to view the entire Coweta County Joint Comprehensive Transportation Plan, click here ( and go to the section labeled Documents and click on “Final CTP Plan
"Proposed capacity adding projects only (road widening, new roads, operational improvements). As we discussed, project C-8 (SR 16 Bypass around Sharpsburg, Turin, and Senoia) will have to be revisited in a future plan update due to the Georgia DOT’s current policy of improving existing roadways versus building new roads. In either case, this project is long range. The breakdown of short range, mid range, and long range projects are shown below:"


Short range:  within 5 years

Mid-range:  up to year 2020

Long-range: between 2021-2030


Please contact me if you have any other questions.

Tavores Edwards 

Transportation Planner, Coweta County