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Important information about proposed development

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Councilwoman Davenport strongly asserts toward the end of the video that the agreement with the builders was violated.
Picture below taken at site of "Destruction"..
Above the homes most effected and now with a store at their front door....the house on left incredibly close to construction and clear-cut.... as you can see!!!  (the driveway does not belong to the pictured house)
  This neighborhood will never be the same.  
If our Town is suppose to protect our  "Quality of Life".....what happened here!
Look at the size of these trees!!!!! much for the Sharpsburg Tree Ordinance that is suppose to protect specimen and other trees!  A very large Magnolia tree was also cut.

Mayor bluntly states "We don't have to"when asked about public notification
(Clip:  Meeting about very unpopular property decision._Article below.
September 9 2013
 Town Council Meeting

    It Could Happen to You.....

Is there a difference between what is legally required and serving those who elected you?   Do you want your officials to do the absolute minimum required by law?  Most of us citizens/residents hope for a higher standard from our elected officials. 


At the Town of Sharpsburg meeting on September 9, 2013, I witnessed an unfortunate event.  A Public Hearing was held to decide whether or not three variances for the same piece of property would be approved or disapproved.  The Town of Sharpsburg, who owned the property, had sold (not closed) the piece of property to a business that planned to open a business very close to adjacent houses.  All three variances were allowed. Some of the residences did not want the business located there in the first place. 

When Councilwoman Davenport asked if the residents were notified of the Public Hearing, the Mayor replied, “We don’t have to.”  When asked later at the Public Comment portion of the meeting the Mayor was asked again about notification, the Mayor replied that "only the people with negative comments came to Public Hearings"…..the implication being differing opinions were not welcome. By the way, the Public Hearing and Meeting were not held on the regular scheduled meeting date.

Unlike Newnan, Moreland, Senoia and Grantville, Sharpsburg’s Town Council meetings are not covered by the press.  NONE, or very rarely, is Sharpsburg’s Town business ever published in the Newnan Times Herald except for the required legal notices.  The Town has no website, no newsletter-type publication; nothing to communicate with residents and a large portion of the population lives away from the Old Town area where the Town Hall is located. 


Admittedly it is the responsibility of residents to get information but under the above stated circumstances, I think the Town Official should make some effort to notify residents of important Public Hearings or meetings that directly and dramatically affect their property.  The regular Town Council meetings are often changed or cancelled with very little notice making it even more difficult to keep abreast of Town business….who knows when meetings will be held….


 What is the intent of the Sunshine Laws regarding announcements of Public Hearings and meetings regarding changed meeting dates, called meetings, etc?  Knowing that media coverage is practically nonexistent for Sharpsburg, is the minimum legal requirement enough if the elected Officials  wish to satisfy the intent of the law and not the letter of the law?


I think not!

Update from Meeting re Restrooms/Codes
(if anyone finds and reports an error, I will review the video and correct, if needed)
Nothing much was accomplished.  Speaking for the Town Council the Mayor:
1,  Maintains that the interpretation of the Code is correct. The Code Enforcement person hired by the Town  was present at the meeting and supported the Mayor.
2.  Would not acknowledge that the old buildings, built in late 1800's or early 1900's were historic.
3.  The question of handicapped access was mention as a reason the Rec. Center or the Library could not be used and stating that the library absolutely could not be used.
One Councilman asked about ways to accommodate the shops but still be in compliance with the code.  (to at least discuss the possibility).
The property owner presented facts and references that he believed would make it possible to open the shops.  He also made references to other towns/cities that have managed to be in compliance with some sort of shared arrangement.  He mentioned Warm Springs and Senoia in particular. 
There was never any sort of agreement and the meeting ended with the issue being exactly where it started.
There were several interested persons in the audience.  The Mayor stated that they were not allowed to speak at the work session so they remained quiet(The work session IS A PUBLIC MEETING so attendees should have been allowed to speak) The work session was videoed. 
(I discovered later via GA Code that the attendees should have been allowed to speak)
There was no attorney present.
Editorial Comment:  Never thought of it until mentioned the work session but I don't think the restroom in the library is handicapped accessible....which would be in violation of Code. (Mayor says it is.)   Code Enforcer mentioned the hill at the Rec Center being so steep would eliminate the use by the shops (handicap access) SO how then is it in compliance for the other town functions.  (Perhaps for the paid events but what about the residents that walk to the Rec Center...)  Question for the Code Enforcer:  Handicapped Access...would this not be a yes no question??????  And speaking of Handicapped Access:  There are no  parking places in town designated "Handicapped".
Proposed Budget, second hearing then adoption on January 13, 2014 at 7:00 pm
Work Session re closed shops in Old Town Sharpsburg and restroom availability  tentatively set for January 25 at Town Hall. Time TBA - morning meeting.  Public allowed.

Candidates are always needed for Municipal Elections!!!  (elections 2015)
 More often than not, candidates run unopposed...not the best way to select officials.  Even in large cities like Newnan, it IS NOT A FULL TIME JOB!  In a small town, it is not very time consuming or demanding BUT town business is still very important and must be tended to.
Mayor and two Council Members 
 up for re-election 2015.