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 Sharpsburg Tree Committee
Established 2007

Still transferring info from a different clip later
The Town of Sharpsburg was awarded Tree City USA for 2009. 
This was done inspite of the fact the the Tree Committee did not exist.
Tree Committee members WERE:   Debbie May, Herb Bridges, Ann Hardee, Polly Garlington
We got fired...or rather declared "non-existent."
Rather unceremoniously, the Tree Committee was told basically to....Get Lost!
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Town Council Meeting clip
Hear for yourself.

Arbor Day 2009

Sharpsburg's Second





The Town of Sharpsburg held its second Arbor Day ceremony on April 18 with the help of Girl Scout Troop 536.


Polly Garlington, Sharpsburg town council member and past chairperson of the town's tree board, welcomed the troop along with Girl Scout leaders Erin Govednik and Shawna Anaya. 


After the Pledge of Allegiance and a poem for the occasion, a proclamation was presented for the Arbor Day observance. The Scouts helped plant a dogwood tree and  seedlings were given to the participants and attendees at the ceremony.

Sharpsburg Named "Tree City USA"


 First Sharpsburg Arbor Day

Great Success


Lft to rt:  Cindy Neal, Gwen Lyons, Beryl Budd, Terry Quigley, Jeff Sibley, and Roy Matthews.


Welcoming attendees and presiding at the Ceremony was Polly Garlington,  Past Tree Board Chairman and presently aTown Council Member.


Hanna and Emma Neal and Alina Strickland opened the program with the Pledge to the Flag which was followed by a slide show with glimpses of historic homes and buildings in the Old Town area. 


Cindy Neal, Tree Board Chairman, read the proclamation naming December 11, 2008 a Arbor Day in Sharpsburg which included the history of Arbor Day. 


Tree board members were recognized by  Garlington as well as the Georgia Forestry Commission representatives present:  Beryl Budd, Community Forester; Terry Quigley, Chief Ranger; Jeff Sibley, District Forester.   Also present was Roy Matthews, Coweta County Arborist. Garlington singled out Forester Budd for outstanding support and encouragement to the Tree Board during the year.


The program was followed by planting four trees in the Old Town Area and then back to the Rec Center  for hot dogs, beverages  and a social period.


Application will now be made to certify Sharpsburg as a Tree City.  One of the most important features of being designated a Tree City is the ability to apply for grants for Community Forestry projects in Town.


 First Annual

Arbor Day Celebration

December 11, 2008




   Celebration Partipatants  2008


Preparing soil for second tree that is to be planted is Roy Matthews, Coweta County Arborist.  Just finishing planting the first tree  is Terry Quigley and Jeff Sibley both with the Georgia Forestry Commission.




The Sharpsburg Tree Board was formed in the Fall of 2007.  The initial purposes of this group are to inventory, maintain, and plant replacement trees in Town.  The goal for this year is to have the Town's first Arbor Day Celebration, to have Sharpsburg designated a "Tree City" and to evaluate and do necessary pruning of the old trees on Main Street.  One of the requirements to become a "Tree City" 'is that the Town have a 'tree ordinance' which was already in place. 


The new Chairperson is Mrs Cindy Neal.  Other members of the board are Gwen Lyons, Herb Bridges, Wilmirth Wood and Polly Garlington. . 

 One of the severely damaged Oaks was removed in March.  The remaining large Oaks on Main Street in the town area will be trimmed with the removal of misletoe and be regularly maintained.



 Pictured rt to left:  Hannah Neal, Scout Troop 397, Arbor Day Co-ordinator, Polly Garlington, Town Councilwoman



Anyone interested in keeping

Sharpsburg "green"  and volunteering to help, come join the group. Being a committee member does not require a lot of time but there are great rewards


No meetings or activities until further notice.




Budget Request and

Start-up Projects

2010 (click here)


Sharpsburg Tree Commission



The first two re-organization meetings were held at Coweta Central Library.  Roy Matthews,  County Arborist and with the County's blessing, will be acting as Chairman of the committee during the reorganization period.   Additional officers are:  Debbie May, Co-Chairperson, Ann Terry, Arbor Day Chairperson, Herb Bridges, Memorial  Tree Chairman, Polly Garlington, Treasurer. 


Condition of the old Oak trees in downtown Sharpsburg was discussed and Mr. Matthews will be addressing the Sharpsburg Town Council on this subject at the October Town Council meeting.   Mr. Matthews will request that a designated amount be placed in the 2010 Budget for the Tree Committee.


Mr. Matthews also suggested that the Sharpsburg Tree Committee work with the Coweta Central Library to initiate plans for a "grove" at the library. 


At the October meeting the Committee will select a new project in addition to continuing tree maintenance and re-organizing activities.



You Can Help

Preserve our Urban Forest

As a friend and supporter of Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) and Georgia Urban Forest Council (GUFC), you know the importance of continuing Georgia's green legacy.  GFC and GUFC have come together to launch The Grove, an online community that allows families and friends to share in the experience of building a legacy by planting a tree to commemorate special life moments.  

The Grove Web site launched Feb. 20, 2009, Georgia's Arbor Day.  We are asking you to become a member of the Grove, create a profile and submit pictures prior to the launch of the Web site so that when the site goes live to the public, it is a fully established community.

Be the first to join:
On Monday, Feb. 16, the site will be available for you to join.  Please be ready to:
Create your profile
Share a tree-planting story
Post a picture of your tree.   

We only have three days to accomplish this. Please create your profile no later than end-of-day on Thursday, Feb. 19.
A reminder email will be sent to you on Monday, Feb. 16 with the link for the community site as well as instructions on how to join and how to invite friends and family to join.

Thank you for your participation in The Grove.  With your help, we can broaden our efforts to encourage Georgians to build their own family legacy while enriching Georgia's green legacy


 Polly Garlington, Past Chairperson of the Sharpsburg Tree Board and taking office as Town Council Person in January 2008, initiated the project to have theTown of Sharpsburg certified as a Tree City.  The certifications will take place early in January 2009.  Mrs. Cindy Neal replaced Mrs. Garlington as Chairperson early in January 2008 and the two have worked tirelessly to complete the Tree City project.  Being certified a Tree City will enable the Town to apply for grants for additional projects in town