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From the Newnan Times Herald
ALL Comments  as published in the Newnan Times Herald
Here's the problem: "Government is not a solution to our problems, government is the problem."-Ronald Reagan.  Now I know when Reagan meant...I live in Sharpsburg
Follow the Rules:  Sharpsburg is great at making rules (ordinances)....not too good following them.
Mow it: Butchered landscapes in Sharpsburg.  Noticed that it is not in the front yard of town officials.
Misleading information:  Sharpsburg brags of the establishment of an Ethics Committee. Truth is, the Ethics Committee is not functional since it does not have qualified committee members (as required by the Ethics Ordinance)  Question: Is this an ethics violation.
Here we go again: 
Councilman has time to run for office (unopposed) but not enough time to come to Council Meetings to vote on town business.
Don't think so:  Sharpsburg has city parks?  That's news.  As small as the town is, if they existed, I am sure I would know about it.  Must be election time.
Get elected:  Sharpsburg must do it differently!  Councilman stated, "When I returned home I was asked to return."  In most places one has to be elected.
C'mon, Sharpsburg:  Even the smallest towns have events for residents as described in recent Times-Herald articles....but not Sharpsburg.
Need some help here:  Is anybody "home" at the Sharpsburg Town Hall?  Who's looking our for the residents in a residential neighborhood when commercial development takes over.
Where's Sharpsburg?  What's going on in the little town of Sharpsburg? Last time I went through it looked like a ghost town.
 Lucky Sharpburg:  Another ugly   asphalt parking lot right at the entrance to town.  What happened to the plans for an attractive town entrance?

Too Late:  Looks like it's too late to lock the gate in Sharpsburg...the "fox" is already in the henhouse. 
Kudos:  Viewed the Sharpsburg video.  It seems there is one councilwoman looking after the residents. Good work Ma'am
Update the website:Sharpsburg--somebody needs to tend to your website.  It's been the same for about four months...or does nothing ever happen in Sharpsburg worth mentioning?

While you slept: Bad things can happen when mayor and council persons have "free range" without oversight. Not necessarily malicious just considered undesirable, like what recently happened in Sharpsburg.

Help Sharpsburg: Too bad there are not citizens in Sharpsburg interested in public office.  Sounds like there is a great need.  What is going on?

New Vocab:Sharpsburg now has its own vocabulary.  Temporary + three yers and on and on and on.................
Too Early:  Sharpsburg town officials allow commercial construction at 4 AM.  No peace or quiet in our residential neighborhoods now.
Stop It:  Town of Sharpsburg officials are allowing commercial construction to disrupt a once quiet neighborhood subdividion way before daylight?  Looks like the mayor and council have gone AWOL.
Why" Here's Why:  With all of the available land around and in the tow of Sharpsburg, why is a commercial building allowed beside existing houses to disrupt their once quiet neiiiiighborhood?  Because the town ownes the property.
Dump 'em:  Stop whining, Sharpsburg.  Ever hearad of elections?  You put them can remove them!

Go somewhere else:  Little old po'dunk railroad stops like Sharpsburg don't need evets.  There are places called Senoia and Newnan that have all the events our county can enjoy.
You are right!: "Sharpsburb old po'dunk railroad stop" has deteriated since the present leadership is here.  There were festivals, many shops, holiday events, summer attractions and a real community.