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Upcoming Events 2011

I no longer try to post meeting dates for the Town Council because the meetings are cancelled/rescheduled so often that it is impossible to keep up with the dates.
There will be NO ELECTION held in the Town of Sharpsburg this Fall.  No candidate had opposition.  Sad state for the small town as anybody that wants the job gets it....qualified or not!
No Election in Sharpsburg
Nov 8.
There will be no election in Sharpsburg because ALL candidates are running opposed.  Sad that the town does not have enough candidates.  Mickey Mouse could win in an election like this! 

Qualifying for Fall Elections
 The Mayor and two Town Council persons will be elected in November  2011.  They will take office in January 2012
Qualifying Dates:
Aug. 29 &  30   9-3
Aug. 30   9-12
Sharpsburg Town Hall

Residential Buildings not up to Code
Is  the Town following up on houses in questionable condition?  Are they safe for inhabitants?  There are several houses on Terrentine that appear to be in need of major repairs.    It has been reported that another on Terrentine had the tenants move because there was not a functioning bathroom.
According to the Mayor at least one house will have the Town's Building Inspector inspect the building before tenants are allowed to occupy the house.

Raymond Community Center,

Christmas Bazaar

 Mary Ray Memorial School House

 771 Shedden Ave.,Newnan, Ga. (just off Hwy. 16 East between Sharpsburg and I-85 )  is fast approaching.....

 November 19, 2011,  9 -6   

Loads of items for gift giving..., 


Plus the members will have a fantastic Food Court and booths filled with Christmas items. 


This is our First Annual Bazaar open to vendors.....our vendors only furnish handmade, homemade or brand new items............COME ON OUT AND SHOP WITH US.....should be a fun day.   Hope to see you there.

Festival Event
TURIN is only a mile away from Old Town Sharpsburg.
Event is being held this week-end for the first time. 
Lots of good food and vendors from allover. 
Bring your family and enjoy the hospitality

Spring Fling
April 16, 17, 18
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Hosted by
Mitchell's Last Chance
Penberton's Antiques
10-5 Fri. & Sat.
Sun 1-5
Vendors with food, plants, health and beauty items, and much more.
Childcare Center
The community is invited to our chruch's Trunk or Treat Event
October 31, 2010
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
(in the parking lot)
Come and enjoy this family event.
Sharpsburg Arbor Day
Friday, April 16, 2010
Town Library, Garden Area
For info call Town Hall
See write up on  What's New 2010