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Voting Information
Only a small percentage of Sharpsburg residents voted in the last election.
Poll Locator
This link will take you to the State of Georgia Website to find out where you vote. 




Georgia citizens have access to several convenient methods of registering to vote:


  • Download, complete, and mail a
  •  voter registration application.
  • Contact your local county board of registrars' office or election office, public library, public assistance office, recruitment office, schools and other government offices for a mail-in registration form.
  • Registration is offered when you renew or apply for your driver's license at Department of Motor Vehicle Safety drivers license posts.
  • College students can obtain Georgia voter registration forms, or the necessary forms to register in any state in the U.S., from their school registrar's office or from the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Town of Sharpsburg Election
November 5, 2013
Town Council
Post 4
Polly Garlington
Keith Rhodes, Incumbent
Post 2
Clay Cole-Unopposed

You vote is extremely important.
A few years ago the Mayor's election was decided by TWO VOTES!


Register to VOTE


You can registrar to vote at the Sharpsburg Town Hall

 Main Street in Sharpsburg, GA


9:00am-3:30 pm




 at the County Registrar's Office 

 22 East Broad Street, Room 201

Newnan, GA


Also, I will hand deliver a Registration Form for you to complete and mail or I will take it to Registrar's Office in Newnan.

You vote is extremely important.
A few years ago the Mayor's election was decided by

  Absentee Ballots
(click here for BALLOT) 
You may request an absentee ballot as early as 180 days before an
 Absentee ballots must be received by the county board of registrars' office by 7:00 p.m. on election day. No absentee ballots are issued on the day before or the day of an election. You may download an application for official absentee/advance ballot and mail, fax or deliver in person to your county board of registrars' office. The application must be in writing and contain the address to which the ballot is to be mailed, sufficient information to identify you as a voter, and the election in which you wish to vote - no reason is required when requesting an absentee ballot by mail
This link will take you to the State of Georgia Website to download absentee ballot. 
CLICK HERE for application

Fall 2013
Qualify in August.
1. Resident of Town of Sharpsburg
1 Year
2. Registered Voter in Town of Sharpsburg
3. 18 Years of Age
Qualifying Fee $25.00/Council Member
Qualifying Fee $50.00/Mayor
Elected positions which will be decided at the Fall 2013 will be:
Two Council Members

County Contact Information
Coweta County Chief Registrar 
Coweta County Voter Registration Office 
22 East Broad Street, Room 201 
Newnan, GA 30263-1973 
Telephone:             (770) 254-2615      
Fax: (770) 683-2800

MAP of County Districts.