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Parking Problem Solved in Old Town 
In response to the closing of the parking area in downtown Old Town the Town has solved the parking problem.  The town has arranged with the property owner just south of the rec center for additional parking accessed directly from the rec center parking area.
For too many years to remember the previous owner of the vacant lot across from the rec, had allowed use of the lot for overflow public parking.  The use was infrequent usually on election days.  The lot was mostly used by customers of the surrounding stores.
The lot was purchased several months ago, hence, a new owner.  Suddenly and without notice the driveways were blocked and chained.  Because the new owner was unwilling to consider use by the town by refusing to lease the lot.  There was no option but to secure alternative parking.
Thanks to Mayor Staley and the Council's  fast actions, the town will have the extra parking area needed in time for the Fall elections.

Parking Areas Blocked in Downtown Old Town Sharpsburg.



With parking already limited property owner, Herb Bridges, has blocked parking areas with entrances on Main Street.  Mr. Bridges owns the off-street parking area.  This action is somewhat surprising since Mr. Bridges owns all of the buildings in the immediate vicinity.   With the construction of Streetscapes, the street parking was severely reduced making the off street parking nearly a necessity for customers of the shops.
What is he thinking!
 This is a great example of what can happen when one person owns/controls all or a great majority of downtown property.  With actions such as mentioned above, no wonder
the small shops on Main Street are gone!

Elections 2011
A year from now Town of Sharpsburg will be looking toward elections in the Fall.
There will be three positions up for election or re-election. 
Connie Turner,  Council person, who was elected three years ago will be up for re-election or election .  The Council person position and the Mayor's position will both be up for election or re-election.  Mayor Staley and Celene Davenport were both elected for two-year terms to complete the terms of the former mayor and a council position.
All positions this year will be four-year terms.