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What's New 2015
Election Results
Mayor Staley re-elected in a very close race.
Standley Parten - Post One
Polly Garlington - Post 3
All will be sworn in on January 4, 2016
Local business owner has been denied a place on the agenda for July Town Council Meeting. 
 He was also denied a place on the agenda in June.  Another interesting development is that the town officials have a police officer present at the June meeting.  One has to wonder the reason...unless the Mayor can't control a meeting with four or five people present! 
Newest info is about
Briarwood Commons
 which has it's own link on the menu to the right.

Three posts will be up for election: 
Two Council Members
To qualify you need only to be:
1.  21 years of age.
2.  Registered to vote in Sharpsburg
3.  A Sharpsburg RESIDENT for 12 months preceeding the election.
I have just discovered that there are those who think one must be a property owner to run for office in Sharpsburg.
(see item 3 above)

New and Returned Businesses:
(Old Town Area)
The Frigid Frog is now open.  Construction of a building is planned for this business at the same location.
TNT Antiques is open again and with regular auctions on selected Saturdays.
Coweta Monuments opened last year
The Pine Box Collectables
Pembertons Antiques  is open
Richards Photography has been in Sharpsburg for a long time and still here. 
King's Landscaping
A church is occupying what was the  last  post office building on Main Street.
There is a small, quaint town library but it remains closed.

Sharpsburg Town Council Meeting
April 6, 2015

Quite an interesting Sharpsburg Town Council meeting Monday night and certainly not dull! 

David Mullins, long-time resident, had a lot of questions about why the town has so many run down houses when there are Building Codes for dealing with such problems. Mr. Mullins suggested that the Mayor and Council spend more time dealing with this problem. The questions went unanswered. Mr. Mullins is the former Mayor of Sharpsburg and served on the Town Council for many years.

Polly Garlington, long-time resident, had questions about the process when property is rezoned or annexed. Sharpsburg has no Planning and Zoning Committee.  Most questions were answered.

Garlington requested that special hearings be held when the Briarwood Commons proposal is submitted. Garlington suggested that this would alleviate the problem stated by Donna Camp, Town Clerk, when Ms. Camp said most people attending Public Hearings did not know the facts.

 Mrs. Garlington repeated the request for an information session before the Public Hearings regarding Briarwood Commons to show a willingness  for open communication between the Council, residents and merchants.


Frigid Frog is, at last, legitimate! Welcome Frigid Frog. Two Turin Council Members were in attendance as well as Eric Richards, local photographer....Par Excellence!.



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