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The Town not the Zip Code

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                    This is  Not the official site for theTown of Sharpsburg    
Town site is:  
after you look, you will see why they have linked to my site!
Town History
The community of Sharpsburg was originally founded in 1825, but not was incorporated until December 13,1871.  Sharpsburg was named for a Judge Elias Sharp who owned one of the first home in Sharpburg and who helped incorporate the community.  Sharpsburg was a thriving small town up until the early 1900's with cotton gins, warehouses, a drug store, a bank, a blacksmithshop, a general store and a post office.
The depression in the 20's began the decline in business and population which continued until the 1940's.  Growth was very slow until the  1980's.
The population now stands at 329 people   The Old Town area now has around 7 stores and shops.  Only four are open at present.  One is used for a church.
Currently, there is a  photographer,  a quilt & antique shop and antique.   The most recent merchant addition is a monument store.  Together there are 32 businesses operating in the Town of Sharpsburg  .  The Old Town Sharpsburg Festival was held here for many years which was operated by the Old Town Merchants Association and Mr. Herb Bridges, property owner.
There is frequent talk of the Festival returning but at present no plans have been made for the Festival's revival.

 The Town of Sharpsburg is just a very small portion of the 30277 Zip Code although the Sharpsburg Post Office is located inside of the Town on Highway 54.  The first Sharpsburg Post Office (not the brick building which was the 2nd Post Office) is located in the Old Town area on Main Street

Historic Buildings in Old Town Sharpsburg

Former Residence

Now Pemberton's Antiques


 Former primitive 3-room home

 Former Bridges & Cole General Store

 Former residence
Now Richards Photography Studio
Former home of "Miss Foxy" Slaughter
Now used as a business location.
Former "old store"
Now Mitchell's Last Chance
Library-presently not open to the  public
Old City Hall Building
Hours will be  posted here when established.

A Quick Tour of the Immediate Old Town Area
 Just a few pictures
Old Town Sharpsburg
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                      Sharpsburg Garden Club


Seventy-six years old this year, the Sharpsburg Garden club was chartered in 1938 by Miss Foxy, Mrs. Alma Wood and Mrs. Bert Stewart. In the beginning the club was called The Twin City Garden Club.  The Garden Club was mostly a social organization at that time.
The Garden Club began revitalization in 1987, when it changed to a well-programmed organization with a new slate of officer, new by-laws and the name was changed to Old Town Garden Club of Sharpsburg.  In 1987, the Town Council approved the use of the Old City Hall Building for the meetings and Club activities.
The first project of the newly established Club was the creation of our own "Grandmother's Garden," 
In anticipation of the 1996 Olympics, held in Atlanta, work began on a lot  for use as a park which belonged to Mr. Marvin Cole, whose ancestors founded the town.  In1993 the lot was cleared, graded and began to be planted.  By 1995 the project was complete with an arbor, sod, slate paving, and some wonderful plant specimens. 
A later project for the Club was the beautification of Eastside Elementary School.  The  Garden Club as many supporters, several businesses and community groups,  in this project.
The Sharpburg Garden club continues to be an active and community involved group.

If you plant for days -plant flowers,

If you plant for years - plant trees,

If you plant for eternity - plant ideas

And ideals into the lives of others.


Sharpsburg Old Town Library is also in this building and the outside of the building has been reworked....looks like a Gingerbread House.


The Sharpsburg Garden Club has, once again, begun to care for the garden beside the library.  After the Boy Scouts finished the paved walkway, the garden is really looking good.


The outside of the library building has been recently renovated and now looks like a charming little gingerbread house. 



              The new look for the Sharpsburg Library

                               Presently not open to public.



Historic Homes in Old Town Sharpsburg


Now used as a residence 





There are more photos on other pages.