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The Town not the Zip Code

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Glad you have come to visit  
NOT Town of Sharpsburg official site. 
Don't blame them for linking...Sharpsburg official site has nearly NO information
You will be able to scroll through the Registration Form which is submitted  directly to the State.


Sharpsburg is a small town in eastern Coweta County. Sharpsburg has several business centers, one of which is the Old Town Sharpsburg area. Located at the intersection of Terrentine and Main Street, the quaint shop buildings date back to the 1800's.
The construction of Streetscapes and the road closing have damaged the economy is the Old Town area. Three shops are open on Terrentine;  Mitchell's Last Chance,  Pendleton's Antiques  and Gold Station.
Located at the intersection of Highway 54 and McIntosh Trail is another business center. There is a good variety of shops and businesses, including auto repair, auto body shop, tire store, antique shop, bank, beauty salons, florist, convenience stores, tattoo saloon, take-out restaurant, and more. In addition, there are several businesses run from homes.

There is probably more here in Town than you think and we want you to get acquainted with everything.
In addition to the listed businesses, there are activities that take place all during the year which include the Old Town Sharpsburg Spring and Fall Festival. We have a Watermelon Festival, a Christmas celebration, and often events all during the year.
The Recreation Center always has varied classes for young and old both day and night. There are art classes, quilting, and assorted dance classes. The Rec Center, which can also be rented for special events, is often booked a year in advance.
The Town Council meets in the Rec Center on the first Monday each month at 7:00 pm and the Rec Center which also serves as the Town Hall.
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which have not taken place for the last several years.
These were  private events. I have no information about these events.